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    Nikita’s Story: Being asked over Snapchat

    Nikita talks about chatting to someone over Snapchat and starting to really like him and then what happened when she said no to his request for nudes.



    Lara’s Story: Being Slut Shamed

    Lara talks about feeling pressured to send nudes to a guy she was seeing and how she was blamed after they were shared.  She talks about the impact that had on her mental health and gives her advice for getting through.

    Nat’s Story: Getting a Dick Pic

    Nat talks about getting a dick pic from a friend’s account and not being sure how to react.  Later she finds out that his account had been hacked so lets him  know what happened.

    Shannon’s Story: A photo being secretly taken

    Shannon talks about when a photo was taken up her skirt at her school without her knowing and then shared.

    Eve’s Story-When sending a nude stayed positive

    Eve talks about sending nudes in a long term relationship and how this stayed positive.

    Mia’s Story-Sending nudes and then being ignored

    Mia talks about chatting with a guy online for a few months and then sending nudes after he had asked and how he wouldn’t talk to her afterwards.

    Beth’s Story-Someone using their charm to ask for nudes

    Beth shares about her experience with a guy using his charm to try to get a nude from her friend, and from her.

    Bailey’s Story-Being Blackmailed to send Nudes

    Bailey talks about sending a nude and then being blackmailed to send more.

    Steph’s Story-Saying no to a request for nudes and then being dumped

    Steph talks about being asked to send nudes from her boyfriend and what happened when she said no.

    Anna’s Story-Being offered money by a stranger to send nudes on Snapchat

    Anna talks about being contacted by a stranger on Snapchat and being offered money to send him nudes.

    Kelly’s Story-Getting a random Dick Pic

    Kelly talks about getting a ‘dick pic’ randomly, what she did about it and how it made her feel.

    Cody’s Story-A friend being filmed having sex and the video being shared

    Cody talks about what happened to one of his friend’s when the guy she was with videoed them having sex and then shared it in groups online.

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