Feeling Bullied?

Bonnie’s Story: A jealous ex spreading rumours

Bonnie talks about a rumour spread by a jealous ex that she was in a gang bang and how this was accepted as the truth. The hate and abuse that followed made her feel alone and worthless until she had an opportunity for a fresh start.

Tim’s Story: Being told to kill himself (online and off)

Tim talks about being bullied and that he should kill himself to deal with his problems and how he got support to get through.

Eve’s Story- Being bullied online and a death threat being part of this.

Eve shares her story about feeling bullied online and a threat made about her and what she did to get through the situation.

Kate’s Story-A toxic friend impersonating a boy online to try to control a friendship

Kate talks about when a ‘friend’ pretended to be a boy messaging her and how things got worse from there.

Kate’s Story- Being excluded from FB groups

Kate talks about a friendship breaking down and then finding out she was being talked about in FB groups she wasn’t part of.

Sonia’s story-Having a Hate Page set up about her

Sonia talks about a hate page that was set up at her school about someone else and how she stepped in to help.

Jen’s Story-Online bullying and being told to kill herself

Jen talks about being bullied online and getting a message ‘out of the blue’ to kill herself.

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