What are my options?

Do you know the person well enough to let them know their photos are being shared?

The quicker someone knows photos of them are being shared, the quicker they can take steps to get them taken down.

If someone sent them to you, they probably sent them to others too.

It can be embarrassing to have that conversation but a lot of the time, the person in the photos is one of the last to know and the more time that passes, the more people can see (and possibly copy or share) the photos.  The impact can then be even worse.

They might not have any idea that their photos are even out there at all and in this case, ignorance is not bliss.

Put yourself in their shoes and if you still don’t feel like you can get in touch with them, do you have a mutual friend that you could talk to?  They might then feel more comfortable getting in touch with the person so that action can be taken.


Report it and Block the Sender

All Social Media platforms have reporting tools and nudes would breach most of their standards.  Report the message and Block the sender using the steps below

Taking a screenshot of the photo and any messages sent alongside it can help you with your reporting.

You can also report the images to Netsafe and they can take steps to get in touch with the person sharing the images (as well as the person shown in the images).


If you do want to reply, you have a range of ways to do this depending on the situation and how well you know the sender.

  • Be direct.  Let them know that you did not ask for the nude and don’t want to receive any more and that you don’t think it is ok for someone else’s photo to be shared without their permission.
  • Let them know that sharing someone else’s photo without their permission is against the law.
  • You could also let the sender know that if it is not deleted, you will report them and make a complaint with Netsafe.


Talk to someone about it 

It can often be really weird, creepy or unsettling to receive a nude out of nowhere, especially if you know the person in the photo.

It can be helpful to share what happened with someone else so you can talk it through.  You can get a different perspective, advice or work out what the best steps are together.

You will know who you feel most comfortable reaching out to.

This includes:

  • Friends
  • Youth Workers
  • School Guidance Counsellors
  • Teachers, Deans or Senior Leaders at your school
  • Your church/synagogue/temple or mosque
  • Your parents or other members of your family
  • Sports Coaches
  • Mentors

You can then get in touch with more support together if you need it.


Rethink Sharing it

It can sometimes be really tempting to share the photo with your friends as a ‘private joke’ or group chat.

Doing this, even within a closed group (especially when emotions are high) could make things spread really quickly because you do not control what your friends will do next and this could even put you at risk of having a complaint made against you for sharing a nude image without permission.