Where did the idea come from?

ICON (In Case of Online Negativity) started as an idea from one of the founding members of Sticks ‘n Stones.   

Keryn wanted to create a readily accessible online version of  Sticks ‘n Stones advocates that was free and relevant and would support young people to resolve online issues and understand the tools, support and services available.

Developing the Idea

The aim was to create an online tool that would connect and inform those affected by online bullying, harassment and harm with the appropriate information, advice, tools and services.

The idea also came from the lack of access to services for youth living in rural areas. Inspired by the CRANAplus Bullying App for outback Nurses in Australia, our aim is to give information and options at the right time without someone having to sift through pages of Google results.

Funding from the Vodafone Foundation supported us to create a prototype in 2017 and then funding from Netsafe’s Partnership Fund meant we could take the prototype and build ICON.  We are really grateful to the teams from both of these incredible organisations.


What does ICON offer?

ICON gives you access to information anywhere at anytime, all you need is a browser.

We get that you can be fiercely protective of storage space on your  phone and that having an App downloaded might lead to questions you don’t want to answer,  so a web app avoids those issues.

Using a simple layout and  language that is clear and relevant the tools and options let you make your own plan for moving through your situation.


Tell me about Sticks ‘n Stones

Sticks ‘n Stones is an organisation of young people committed to making NZ somewhere where every young person is accepted and respected for who they are and where bullying is a thing of the past.

Our work focuses on PREVENTION but our members explore a range of other ideas, projects, resources and activities to be able to change attitudes, norms and behaviours around bullying and harm (online and off).  ICON is one of these ideas.

In the schools we work in, our main focus is on prevention BUT we find that our advocates also provide a safe option for other young people to seek help and advice and we wanted to extend that support to people who we cannot connect with in person.


Most of the time,  Online’s fine,  and when it’s not… there’s ICON.