What are my options?

Some things to think about

This can be really overwhelming and can even make you feel like everyone is against you.  This is not true.  You have people that care about you and definitely don’t agree with what has happened or what has been said.

Someone that takes the time to do this has got some pretty significant issues of their own.

Often, others that join in do it out of boredom or even out of fear of being targeted themselves. This does not make it ok but gives you an insight into what might be motivating them.

There are different steps you can take and the quicker you do these, the less widely things can spread.


Use the reporting tools

Social media sites and Video Hosting sites take Hate Pages or Channels really seriously.   They have reporting tools you can use to let them know what is happening.

Check out the icons below for how you can do this on the different platforms.

Report what is happening to Netsafe

If the page or channel is causing you to feel hurt or distressed, you can report it to Netsafe.

Taking screenshots can help you to show what is going on.   They have a trained and supportive  team who can support you to take additional steps if they are needed.

This may be against the law as the Harmful Digital Communications Act has penalties for people that use electronic communications to cause someone else harm or ‘serious emotional distress’.

Check out more about Netsafe in the SERVICES section.


Give yourself some space

Try not to focus all of your attention on what is being said by going back to check if there is new content, or how many people are liking or commenting.

This will just keep you feeling really low.

Give yourself some space to spend time with people that care about you or doing things you enjoy.

This might mean spending some time offline so that you don’t get stuck in what is happening online.


Share your feelings

Take some time to talk to someone about what is going on and how it is making you feel.

Their perspective or experience might help you decide on your next steps.

Even if it doesn’t, opening up to someone means you are not holding onto all of that hurt on your own.


Don’t Retaliate

It’s a good idea to log out and take a breath and think things through before making a comment or a post sharing what is happening and having a go at who you think might be behind it.

When our emotions are high, we often say things we might regret, or even just make the situation worse.

We also cannot be sure who might have set up the page or channel and our emotions might have us blaming someone without having any evidence.


Consider contacting the person directly

If you are sure (and have proof) of who has set up the account or channel, you might (after some time to think) want to send them a private message to let them know how hurtful this is.

Try to stay calm and keep your message brief and to the point so they get a sense of the impact it had and hopefully think twice before doing something like that again.

Keep in mind that sometimes, the person will not care how you are feeling and will keep going if they know it is affecting you.