What are some things I can do?

Talk to Someone

Finding out that people have been talking about you behind your back or making fun of you online can be hurtful.

One thing you can do, especially as the rest of the group may not be aware that you have been told about the comments, is talk to someone you trust.

This can help to clear your head, and give you the confidence to deal with the problem or decide on next steps.

It can be tempting to retaliate or to start a chat of your own to vent but that does not usually end well. You know how it feels.

Talking it through can also give you the chance to honestly decide whether there is any real point in letting them know how you feel.

This could also be a case of someone trying to stir up some drama so you might want to think about who has told you and what their motivation is.


Talk to the person who told you what was happening

Do you want to be told stuff  like this?  Does it help?  Maybe have a think about saying you would rather not know?  Do these comments really matter?

Has it been changed up or even exaggerated?

Sometimes we think ‘It’s better to know what people are saying about us’ but is it really?  Have you felt better since the person told you?

You might even want to ask them , “Why did you tell me about this?” or “What did you say when you saw the comments?”, what did they want to get out of telling you?


Ignore it

You have the choice to ignore if people are talking about you.

It can be easy to get caught up in the negativity of it but,  if they did not care enough to speak to you in person, then is it really up to you to deal with their problem?


Get some distance

If it was people that you thought were friends and you could trust, it might be good to give yourself some space.

If what they say to your face is really different to what is happening online, then putting in some limits about what you tell them and how much time you spend with them can stop this from becoming an ongoing issue.


Choose someone in the group to talk to and let them know how you are feeling

If you don’t feel comfortable having that conversation with the person or people that made the comment(s) themselves, just having a chat with someone in the group that you feel comfortable with can begin to resolve the situation.

They could provide some sort of mediation, or they could even provide some context around the comments that make them seem less hurtful.

If there’s no one in the group that you would like to talk to or that you think would care about how you are feeling, then think about whether you want to let them get to you?


Because you aren’t in the group itself, getting the comment removed is difficult

However, if you have talked to someone in the group, and they get how much it has affected you, then they may able to do this for you or simply delete it.

Some groups allow members to report posts or comments to admin (but then this very much depends on who the admin is).

On Facebook, you can also report the group itself.

Check out the icons below for how to do this.


Look after you

Remember that comments made online can often be made by keyboard warriors, who would never have said those things if they knew you would see them.

If the comments are making you feel down, then be sure to look after your mental health.

There are so many options, from just hanging out with your mates, to contacting one of the many organisations that can give you specialist support.