What are some things I can do?

Understand that you do not need to wait for things to get worse

Even if it is a one off post or photo, there are still a number of steps that you can take.

You do not need to wait for it to happen again or for it to get worse before you take steps to have something taken down.

Be Direct

Make a comment.  Let the person or people who has posted the photo or made the comment(s) know that it is not ok and is actually hurtful.

Keep this simple and stay calm.  They may be genuinely unaware that they are hurting your feelings.


Contact the person privately

Depending on your relationship with the person, you might be able to get in touch with them privately.

If this is out of character for the other person, this could be a sign that they are not in a good place themselves.

Getting in contact with them privately to let them know this seems unusual for them might help them to open up about what is going on.  This might help get things resolved more quickly rather than retaliating.

Saying something like, “Hey, when you said…. that isn’t really like you.  It was actually pretty hurtful. Is everything ok? “.


Report the content

If it is making you or your family feel really bad, the content can be reported. If it causes shame or is degrading, it may breach the terms and conditions of Social Media Platforms.

You can report the content directly through the platform so it can be removed.

The more quickly the report is made, the less time the content stays online causing more hurt or embarrassment.

Check out the icons below for steps on how to do this for different platforms.


Get in touch with Netsafe

If you need help, advice or support with any kind of online issue, Netsafe can help.

They are a non-profit organisation with a helpline set up to help people with online safety and online issues.

Netsafe have years of experience in helping young people deal with harm online, their service is free and confidential.

Find out more by visiting their website or checking out the services section.


Open up about it

Take some time to chat to someone that you trust about what has been going on and how it has been making you feel.

Make sure you ask if they have time to talk so that you are not interrupted or they are not in a rush (or in a bad head space themselves).

They might have experienced something similar that they can tell you about.  They might also have a different perspective or point of view that might help you look at the situation differently.

Talking it through (even if you do this via text or messaging) can help you work out your own solution or work out what is really getting to you.