Snapchat's policy on impersonation is clear:

“Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not—including celebrities, brands, or other organizations.”

The consequences of violating these terms are also clear.

If you impersonate another person, for example, the offending content will be removed at the site’s discretion, and the account could be terminated depending on the offense. Once an account is terminated, that person won’t be allowed to use the app anymore.

To report impersonation, do this online using THIS FORM

  • Select 'Report a Safety Concern'
  • Choose 'My Snapchat account' from the 'What are you concerned about' options
  • Choose 'Another Snapchat account is pretending to be me'
  • Report it by clicking ‘Yes’ under ‘Still Need Help’ at the bottom of the page

You will then be asked to provide your name, email address, Snapchat username and the Snapchat username of the fraudulent account.

Then, give as many details as possible about what you know, including how you found out and a description of the fraudulent account’s activity if possible.

Snapchat does not allow third-party reporting, so if someone tells you about a fraudulent account being used in your name, you’ll have to register with Snapchat to see the account and report on it yourself.

The exception is for minors, whose parents can file an impersonation report on their behalf.