The Law-Nudes-Blackmail or Threats


Blackmailing or threatening to share nudes of someone (without their consent) can be an offence under the Harmful Digital Communications Act (HDCA) , as well as a potential offence under other Acts.

People have been prosecuted here in NZ for blackmailing or trying to blackmail someone using copies of their nudes.

There are also other provisions under HDCA which could support you to stop the situation from continuing and get the images removed or deleted.

What if I sent the image originally?

Even if you originally sent an image (or images) of your own free will, if someone then uses threats or blackmail to try to pressure you into sending more, you can still report this to Netsafe (who will be able to give you advice about whether to contact the police).


What other laws that might apply

Another law that could apply is:

  • The Harassment Act

For more DETAILED information about the laws above and your rights related to Nude Images, check out the Sticks ‘n Stones Website.