What are some things I can do?

Consider contacting the person directly

If  you know the person and think it would be ok , you could try messaging them and explain why you think the post is offensive and should be removed.

They may have not realised and could then take it down.

This also removes it from the public space so that you can chat privately without this being analysed by onlookers and add ‘fuel to the fire’.

Be clear and to the point without using put downs or getting too emotional. Focus on the comment  or post and not the person.

It is also important to remember that this may be a difference in opinion that they stand by and are not prepared to take down.

They may also have deliberately put the post or comment up to get attention and cause some drama.

If you don’t know the person, you could talk to the admin or the other members and see how they feel about it. One of the other members may then talk to the person instead of you.


Reply (Thoughtfully and Respectfully)

It is important to think through whether to reply really carefully.

If it is a post or comment that you think really needs something said and contacting the person was not successful (or was not an option) then it is important not to rush into anything or let your emotions take over.

If you have ever spent any time in a comments section, you will know that it can become a really nasty space (often very quickly).

Here are some tips for how you might do that:

  1. Comment on the issue, not the person. For example, “Your comment was rude” and not “You are rude.” “The post was not true” and not “You are a liar.”  This is where avoiding emotive language is also helpful.
  2. Don’t make personal attacks. Comments like “I’m so sick and tired of…” or “You’re so stupid / negative / lazy / uninformed / ” come across as adding ‘fuel to the fire’.  Stay away from attacks.
  3. Use passive voice.   “The comments made were racist” shifts attention away from the person and focuses of the comments rather than ” You made racist comments” which focuses on the person.
  4. Share how it affects you. Rather than go on and on about how bad the thing is, share how it affects you. This shifts the focus away from the person and onto yourself, which lets the person take a step back to evaluate the situation. It also gives him/her insight to where you are coming from.


Report it

Report the post or comment to the group admin or directly to the platform.

The admin has the opportunity to delete the post or comment and can even remove or block the user from the group if it is really serious.

If it breaks the community standards, it will be removed.

Check out the icons below for how to do this.


Block them

You can also block or hide someone so that you no longer see posts from them in the group but you do see posts and comments from other members.

Facebook are also trialling a ‘Snooze’ feature at the moment which would let you not see posts or comments from individuals OR groups for 24 hours, a week or a month.

The icons above also show you how to use BLOCKING.


Ask yourself: Is the group worth it?

If you are finding that the group is getting quite negative or lots of the comments are making you uncomfortable, you might think about leaving the group.

If you are not sure, take a break from the group and see whether you miss it.  If not, it might be more positive for you to not be a part of it anymore.