The Police-Feeling Bullied

The Police

If someone is causing you ‘serious emotional distress’ or if your situation is serious (e.g. you are being threatened or the harassment is becoming overwhelming) you can make a complaint  to the police.

You do need to keep in mind that the Police investigate incidents that are the most serious and even though it might be making you feel angry, upset or helpless, it might not be a crime.

This does not mean what is happening to you is ok, it just means that your situation does not meet the criteria that is described in the law.

The Police may suggest you make your report to Netsafe instead.  There are  a range of things Netsafe can do and support they can give to stop what is happening to you.

There is also still an option for Netsafe to refer you on to the District Court if they are not successful reaching a solution.