Netsafe have years of experience in helping young people deal with harm online and their service is free and confidential. 

If someone is impersonating or pretending to be you online, they can offer you help and support. 

How can they help?

Netsafe is an organisation that can provide information and support as well as free and confidential advice when you are worried or hurt online.

They can:

  • advise people on the steps they can take to resolve a problem,
  • investigate and trying to resolve complaints where digital communications have caused harm,
  • Speak with  Social Media Platforms, Website hosts, internet service providers and other companies and ask them to either take down or moderate offending posts or messages
  • Get in touch with the person or people that caused the harm.
  • They can also in some cases find out who caused the harm if this has been done anonymously
  • Inform people about their legal options and the possible outcome if they want to take their complaint to the district court.


How to contact them?

You can make a report through their website

or you can free phone them seven days a week between 8am and 5pm on 0508 NETSAFE. 

You can make the report yourself, or someone can do it on your behalf.