Services-Health Nurses

When would I go to a Health Nurse/School Nurse?

If what is happening online is having an impact on your mental health and you want to talk to someone about what support services are available in your area, a Health Nurse/School Nurse is a Free option that could help.

This could be if  you’ve noticed changes in the way you are thinking or feeling over the past few weeks or months that are worrying you and are causing you distress.

It could also be if there are things happening offline within your relationships that are also having a negative impact. 

How can a Health Nurse help?

A Health Nurse can give you support and information about other services that might be able to help you and can even make referrals for you in many cases. 

They can be a great option if you are not comfortable talking to your Doctor/GP or contacting Mental Health services straight away. 

How do I get in touch with them?

Your school will normally have posters or information displayed about when your Health Nurse has drop in clinics that will include their cell number. 

Drop Ins can be held at school, medical centre or a community centre.

Your Dean/office staff/ teachers/guidance counsellor will also be able to give you the contact details for you to get in touch.

They are not a 24hr service.  It is best to make contact with them between 8.30am and 5 pm Monday-Friday.

You can go to one of the drop in clinics or you can click HERE  to see a list of contacts for the Public Health Units across the country to phone and find out who your nurse is, when and where their drop in clinics are or to get their contact phone number to make an appointment. 

Do I have to go to a Drop In?

No.  The great thing about Health Nurses is that you can make an appointment and meet them somewhere else that you might feel more comfortable or there might not be people seeing you go in. 

When you phone or text a Health Nurse to make an appointment, you can let them know that you would rather meet somewhere else and talk through what is possible. 

What happens when I go to a Health Nurse?

A Health Nurse will ask you questions to find out more about what is happening with you and what kind of support would be helpful. 

They are a confidential service but if they are worried about your safety or the safety of someone else, they will need to share what is happening with others.

Health Nurses can let you know the options that are available to you for Mental Health services and other support in your area.

They can let you know costs, estimated wait times to get an appointment, whether your parents need to be involved (or come with you) and they can often make the referral so that you can have an appointment or meeting with the service.

They can also help you to create a support plan and work with your school to help you with strategies to get through what is happening. 

Do my parents have to be told?

If you are under 17 and the Health Nurse is worried about your Mental or Physical Health, they may recommend that you involve other trusted adults.