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Health Nurse/School Nurse

If  you want to talk to someone about what support services are available in your area, a Health Nurse/School Nurse is a Free option that could help.

This could be if  you’ve noticed changes in the way you are thinking or feeling over the past few weeks or months that are worrying you and are causing you distress.

It could also be if there are things happening offline within your relationships that are also having a negative impact.


How can a Health Nurse help?

A Health Nurse can give you support and information about other services that might be able to help you and can even make referrals for you in many cases.

They can be a great option if you are not comfortable talking to your Doctor/GP or contacting Mental Health services straight away.


For more detailed information about Health Nurses/School Nurses and their services, check out the Sticks ‘n Stones website.