What are my Options?


If someone has created a Tinder profile using your photos or other personal information, please contact them and include the following information:

  • The reason for the report
  • The exact name, age, bio, and photos that appear on the profile that you are reporting (screenshots are best)

Other information that could help includes the user’s location, phone number, email address, and/or a link to their Facebook account.

The more details you can provide, the quicker they can identify and investigate the profile or user in question.



The best way to contact them about an imposter is by using the Report feature in-app.

To report the user, tap the icon located at the upper righthand corner.

You will be given the option to Block or ReportSelect Report.

Select Impersonation.


Contact Netsafe for support

If they are pretending to be you in a way that is causing you harm, for example, making sexually explicit or controversial posts that could damage your job or relationships, you can get in touch with Netsafe.

If you need help, advice or support with any kind of online issue, Netsafe can help. They are a non-profit organisation with a helpline set up to help people with online safety and online issues.

Netsafe have years of experience in helping young people deal with harm online, their service is free and confidential.

Find out more by visiting their website or checking out the services section.


Let your friends know

Think about letting people in your life know that someone is pretending to be you on a dating app.

This gives them a heads up to be wary of communication that seems a bit out of the ordinary.

Check your Privacy settings

How much personal information do you have publicly available?  Through your Social media accounts?

The more there is out there, the easier it is for people to impersonate you and for that to move into the potential for identity theft or fraud.

Changing your settings so that your photos and private information is only able to be seen by friends can give you some protection (but not always).

Check the TAKING CHARGE section for how to do this.